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Vajtja [ Tirana – Ancona ] 21-08 LZ 241 241,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Ancona ] 22-08 LZ 241 221,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Athens ] 21-08 LZ 987 131,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Athens ] 23-08 LZ 987 131,70 EUR

Vajtja [ Tirana – Milano BGY Orio Al Serio ] 20-08 LZ 431 241,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Milano BGY Orio Al Serio ] 21-08 LZ 755 291,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Milano BGY Orio Al Serio ] 22-08 LZ 755 251,70 EUR

Vajtja [ Tirana – Bologna ] 20-08 LZ 931 206,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Bologna ] 21-08 LZ 931 206.70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Bologna ] 22-08 LZ 931 216,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Bologna ] 23-08 LZ 931 216.70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Bologna ] 24-08 LZ 931 216,70 EUR

Vajtja [ Tirana – Roma FCO ] 21-08 LZ 171 141,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Roma FCO ] 22-08 LZ 171 201,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Roma FCO ] 22-08 LZ 471 141,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Roma FCO ] 23-08 LZ 171 141,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Roma FCO ] 24-08 LZ 171 141,70 EUR

Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 26-08 LZ 675 301,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 27-08 LZ 673 271,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 28-08 LZ 673 221,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 29-08 LZ 673 201,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 30-08 LZ 673 191,70 EUR
Vajtja [ Tirana – Venezia ] 30-08 LZ 675 171,70 EUR


 Darwin Airline, Belle Air Europe and Belle Air SH P.K have recently signed a framework agreement for a 3-year collaboration, building the first official alliance between two regional airline companies. This partnership aims at constructing a network where the companies will be involved together in developing new routes, sharing their respective aircraft fleets and creating cost and revenue synergies.  This agreement is to be considered as a step forward from the traditional regional airline business. Thanks to the alliance’s strategies, each company will be able to maximize the profit of its own assets and increase its commercial and marketing abilities,by strengthening its presence in Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and South-Eastern Europe, and by increasing its purchasing power.

The main body of the agreement includes the following points:

  • Wet and dry lease for an efficient and optimal utilization of the three fleets, composed of 6 SAAB and  by 2, Atr72-50, 3, A319 and 3, A320
  • Code sharing on strategic routes
  • Ticketing services in order to foster direct relationships with passengers and cross-marketing operations
  • Tied collaboration with the main legacy carriers in order to evaluate new potential partnerships
  • Development of new synergies in order to reduce costs, increase business efficiency and improve passengers’ travel experience

This partnership has been strongly supported by Maurizio Merlo, CEO of Darwin Airline, who states: “Especially now in these extremely difficult times for the whole aviation industry, I believe that regional carriers should strengthen their position and take advantage of this kind of alliance. This agreement is a first step towards a new business model for Darwin Airline, which aims at becoming a strategic partner for the alliances between regional airlines. Moreover, our clients will take advantage from an extensive and improved service, in line with Darwin brand’s values”.

The same impression is shared by Arbi Xhelo, CEO of Belle Air who affirms: “The regional integration and the optimization of resources will create the space for new opportunities, not only for the airlines but also for our markets, and new possibilities for our passengers”.

Darwin Airline SA
Is a scheduled Regional Airline Company founded in 2003 with bases in Lugano, Geneva and Rimini, operating as a high quality scheduled regional airline in partnership with legacy carriers as well as operating Charter Flights for companies, sport teams and Tour Operators mainly to international destinations.

Belle Air Europe
Belle Air Europe was founded in July 2009 in Ancona. Its main objective is to become the reference company in Western
and South-Eastern Europe in order to create a strong regional domestic market.  The company has already increased its European network towards the Balkan Regions with routes in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia.
Two routes are offered from Milan: Pristina and Tirana. From Pristine, BelleAir operates to Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Nuremberg, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Linz, Bruxelles, Malmo, London, and Basel-Mulhouse. From Macedonia it operates Rome and Ancona.

Belle Air
Belle Air was founded in June 8th, 2005 in Tirana as the first Low Cost Airline of Albania.
Since the beginning, its first objective was to operate in South Eastern Europe at low cost fares with the highest safety levels. In 2012 it operates to 26 international destinations in Europe, with a 47% market share of the Albanian market.
Belle Air’s mission is to increase airline traffic in Albania. It is based in Tirana and it operates 19 routes in Italy including Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and so on as well as other important European destinations such as London, Athens, Brussels, Vienna, Prague.

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