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Tirana International Airport records 23 per cent growth for first six months of 2011

Tirana International Airport records 23 per cent growth for first six months of 2011

• Airport now serving more passengers than ever before
• Cargo figures increase by 17 per cent and ATMs by 11 per cent

Tirana International Airport (TIA) had an excellent performance for the first six months of 2011. Passenger numbers increased by 23 per cent, air traffic movements (ATMs) by 10.6 per cent, and cargo by 17.7 per cent, in comparison with the same period last year. Between January and the end of June, TIA served 793,984 passengers, an outstanding figure that highlights the high standards of service offered by the Airport. TIA also recorded 10,352 ATMs and handled 1,084 tons of cargo.
“This year has come with really important developments for the Airport, which is one of the most important gates to Tirana and for the country as a whole. Visa liberalization has brought noticeable change to our company: there is significant growth in domestic demand, which has brought with it better and extended services offered by the airlines,” said Mr Rolf Castro-Vasquez, Chief Operation Officer of TIA.

The airlines carrying most passengers to and from Tirana are Belleair (46.2%), Alitalia (9.6%), Albanian Airlines (9.1%), Austrian Airlines (6.1%) and Turkish Airlines (4.2%). Currently, fourteen airlines fly in to and out of TIA, connecting directly the Albanian capital city with 35 destinations, including Brussels, Barcelona and Paris, inaugurated this year for the summer season.

The Airport has become more and more attractive to airlines whose decision to approach TIA is based on its remarkable passenger growth recorded over the last couple of years. In June, TIA welcomed Jetair, a well known low-cost airline, which operates between TIA and Brussels with a twice weekly service.

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Tirana International Airport

Did you know?

14 airlines fly from Tirana International Airport to 35 destinations.
More than 20,000 flight movements were counted during 2010 in Tirana International Airport.
More than 1.5 million passengers used the Tirana International Airport during 2010.

Airlines operating at Tirana International Airport
For any enquiries concerning your flight connection, please address your airline directly.


Adria Airways/JP
Tel: 00355 4 2272 666
Tel: 00355 4 2381 911

Tel: 00355 4 2230 023
Tel: 00355 69 40 76 626

Albanian Airlines/LV
Tel: 00355 4 4505 050
Tel: 00355 4 2381 915

Tel: 00355 4 2230 023
Tel: 00355 69 40 76 626

Austrian Airlines/OS
Tel: 00355 4 2235 029
Tel: 00355 4 2381 926/6

Tel: 00355 4 2232 983
Tel: 0355 4 2381 933

Belle Air Europe/L9
Tel: 00355 4 2232 983
Tel: 00355 4 2381 991

British Airways/BA
Tel: 00421 2 5710 2020
Tel: 00355 4 2381 991

German Wings/4U
Tel: 0044 871 702 9974

Tel: 0032 70 22 00 00

Tel: 00355 4 2258 010
Tel: 00355 4 2381 975/6

Malev Hungarian Airlines/MA
Tel: 00355 4 2234 163
Tel: 00355 4 2381 909

Olympic Air/OA
Tel: 00355 4 2228 960
Tel: 00355 4 2381 903

Turkish Airlines/TK
Tel: 00355 4 2258 459
Tel: 00355 4 2381 901


Tirana International Airport welcomes low-cost Jetair

• New low-cost airlines operating at TIA
• More convenient services for passengers flying from Tirana

Passengers intending to use Tirana International Airport (TIA) this summer will find some welcome refreshing news. As from today, 10 June 2011, TIA welcomes Jetair, a well known low-cost airline, which will operate between TIA and Brussels with a twice weekly service. This new line will be operated by a Jetairfly Boeing 737-500 with 128 seats and is destined to Albanian citizens travelling to Brussels and Belgium. Jetair is the Belgian branch of TUI Travel and the market leader in the Belgian tourism industry. The airline offers inexpensive and transparent prices, as well as prams and baby seats, and naturally flawless service at the Airport and on board.  “This new low-cost company approaching TIA represents a market-driven step and testimony to our efforts to fulfil our objective of increasing the number of airlines using our Airport and the number of destinations. These additions bring us closer to achieving our mission and help us keep our promises towards all of our customers. The future will see us adding new routes and more airlines driven by our business-friendly policies,” said Mr Rolf Castro-Vasquez, TIA’s Chief Operation Officer. The Airport has become more and more attractive to airlines whose decision to approach TIA is based on its remarkable passenger growth recorded over the last couple of years.

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Albanian Airlines

Albanian Airlines

Albanian Airlines, as the National Flag Carrier of Albania, has a MISSION to provide safe, efficient, qualitative, reliable and punctual air-travel services to its customers. Albanian Airlines was founded as a joint venture in 1992. Albanian Airlines aims at becoming the leader in local and regional air market.     The commercial company “ALBANIAN AIRLINES MAK” SH.P.K. was established in Tirana – Albania on 20 June 1995 through the Verdict No. 11289 of the First Instance Court of Tirana. Its activity was granted by a Purchasing Agreement signed between former ALBANIAN AIRLINES and MAK Aviation BV which was declared winner of the bid amongst 13 commercial companies. Former Albanian Airlines was a joint-venture company established in 1992 by ALBTRANSPORT- a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Republic of Albania and Tyrolean Airways – a small airline from north Austria.

ALBANIAN AIRLINES is the largest airline in Albania, both in terms of assets and branch network. The head office of the company is located in Tirana City while the activities are conducted in two main places, one at the “Mother Teresa” International Airport (the main one in Albania) focused on the Operational and Maintenance and the other one for Commercial, Finance & Administrative issues in Town Office. In additions there are some branches and other General Sales Agents (GSA) outside of Albania, like Italy, Germany, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom and Kosovo. Beyond this, plenty of travel agencies are selling the tickets of Albanian Airlines, in and outside of country. Officially the first Air Operation Certificate (AOC) No.0003 was issued on July 3, 1995 which act is renewable on annual bases. The company was authorized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Albania (DGCA) to operate in the international commercial air transport and is designed as flag carrier of Republic of Albania in accordance with Albanian Civil Aviation Law and also in compliance with the recommended standards and practice of ICAO, Annex 6. The first flight was performed by an AIR BUS A320/200 leased from Egypt Air.

Albanian Airlines

Being a scheduled airline ALBANIAN AIRLINES had a great chance to begin its flights around Europe alone without having any real competitor for certain time. The Company is also authorized to perform charter flights without any specific restrictions around the world areas. Turkey, Egypt, Zurich are the most required charter destinations performed in cooperation with main local travel agencies, during summer season, but not exclusively. On March 1997 the Company was obliged to release the AIR BUS A320 and continue its normal operation with three leased aircrafts type TU –134.

albanian airlinesThe reputation of the Company was raised when the management decided to open a new destination in Pristine (Kosovo). Note, Kosovo is over 90% populated by ethnic Albanians and was part of ex-Yugoslavia, but it became free country on 1999, after NATO campaign. This destination was considered and remains as a political bridge between two parts of the same nation. At the middle of year 2001 the Company did another great step on purchasing an aircraft type BAe 146/200 with 94 seats available, which was followed by two other similar aircrafts purchased in March 2003 (BAe146/300) and later in February 2006 (BAe146/100). ALBANIAN AIRLINES is the sole airline in Albania, which has a fleet able to perform daily flights to many destinations around Europe, like Rome, Bologna, Milan, Turin and Bari (Italy); Pristine (Kosovo) and Istanbul (Turkey), besides other frequent destinations like Frankfurt – Germany of three times/ week or London – UK or Athens – Greece.

People trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because this is a traditional airline in Albania which never plays with fares. People trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because this airline has never recorded any incident. People trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because during the “dark years” 1997 was the sole foreign company which didn’t stop flying giving a significant light of life in the desert. Step by step the company raised its reputation being always punctual and offering the best of services towards passengers. Individuals, groups, ethnic Albanians and many foreigners use to fly with ALBANIAN AIRLINES. Also the highest officials including the President of Republic of Albania, the Prime minister and other heads of state or private entities prefer to fly anywhere with ALBANIAN AIRLINES. It is the only airline where the country language is available on board through the well trained Albanian Flight Attendants. All Employees are well qualified for their work. Step by step the maintenance staff became more qualified as well. Pilots are another valuable asset of the Company. Every 6 months they take refreshment at Customer Training Centre, Woodford – Manchester/ UK which is the largest centre that ensure both technical check of the aircrafts and the test abilities and skills of the crew.

ALBANIAN AIRLINES is biggest operator of Tirana International Airport (TIA) “Mother Teresa” and the one which settles huge amounts for the supplies and services taken around all airports where she operates. Clients, not only in Albania, trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because the Company is something different than the others. It provides a wide range of destinations and services that are permanently and clearly given in advance to them. After successfully implementing e-ticketing service in June 2007 and the e-booking on line the company is in the highest level of the functionality in trade.     At the moment we carry over 200.000 passengers per year, and we fly 3000 annually scheduled flights. Successfully competing with other Airlines in modern equipment, convenience of connections and the quality of service we link East and West in the Mediterranean and Europe.     From August 2009, Albanian Airlines is owned by EVSEN Group based in Azerbaijan.     Albanian Airlines has its own aircraft, model BAE 146 series 100, 200 and 300, MD82 and we are in the process of adding our fleet by B747, 757, 767. We have a professional staff that makes the flying experience with us a pleasant on.

Të dashur pjestarë të familjes Albanian Airlines!

Mirë se vini në simbolin krenar të Shqipërisë “Albanian Airlines” e cila do tju hapë dritaret e botës. Stafi I Albanian Airlines ju përshëndet dhe ju uron fluturime te sigurta dhe mbreslënëse.  Arsyeja kryesore e marjes në doreëim të kësaj Avio-Kompanie ishte historia dhe kultura e Shqiperisë të cilat na lanë përshtypje të mëdha.  Qëllimi ynë kryesor është që ta zhvillojmë këtë Avio-Kompani në më të madhen dhe më prestigjozen në rajon, gjithashtu ta shndërrojmë në më të dashurën për klientët dhe miqtë tanë, si në shërbim ashtu edhe në kualitet. Kriza botërore u ndje bindshëm në sektorin e aviacionit po ashtu edhe në sektore të ndryshme ekonomike. Falë përvojës tonë shumë vjecare, mundëm të krijoimë mundësinë ti shmangemi krizës para se të investonim një shumë të madhe në Albanian Airlines.  Ishim të vetëdijshëm që do hasnim në vështirësi por pavarsisht kësaj ne ishim të prëgatitur plotësisht.
Të nderuar klientë, ne kemi bashkuar tre energji të ndryshme për ta bërë shërbimin sa më të volitshem. Bashkimi midis njohurisë dhe kulturës  Shqiptare, Turke dhe Azerbaixhanase punojnë për të patur një efekt sa më pozitiv në kompaninë Albanian Airlines.  Nëpërmjet këtij bashkëpunimi ne do të krijojmë një Albanian Airlines për të cilin ju do të ndiheni krenar.  Ju do të perjetoni ndryshime çdo muaj të cilat shpresojmë se do t’iu shërbejnë dhe do të mbeteni të kënaqur.  Të dashur klientë, qëllimi jonë kryesor është të përmirsojmë të kaluarën e hidhur që kjo kompani ka përjetuar.  Mbështetja teknike do të përforcohet me qellim që të shmangen përfundimisht vonesat në fluturime. Në të ardhmen do të ketë ndryshime në flotën ajrore me modelet më të pëlqyera dhe efektive të tregut ajror. Jemi të vetëdijshëm për vështirësitë, por me ndihmën dhe këshillat tuaja do të shpesojmë në rritje të nivelit të shërbimit dhe operimit. Ndihma juaj luan një rol tepër të rëndësishëm që Albanian Airlines të jetë Kompania Ajrore më e suksesshme në rajon. Stafi i kompanisë ka besim dhe premton që Albanian Airlines do të jetë e denjë të meritojë mbështetjen dhe besimin tuaj.

Destinacionet me Albanian Airlines nga Tirana

From: Tirana – TIA to Frankfurt -FRA – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Pisa -PSA – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to London – STN – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Istanbul – IST – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Bergamo – BGY – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Bergamo – BGY – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Torino – TRN – ALbanian Airlines
From: Tirana – TIA to Bologna – BLQ – ALbanian Airlines

Town Office – ALbanian Airlines
Address: Str. “Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit” Complex “Green Park”, Tower 2, Tirana, Albania
Tel: (+355) (4) 2235162 / 2230857 / 2269026 / 4500990

Tirana – Selvia – ALbanian Airlines
Address: str. of Dibra, near SELVIA Tirana, Albania
Tel:  (+355) (4) 4500679

Shkodra City – ALbanian Airlines
Address: Main Bulevard, near “Millenium” Cinema Shkoder, Albania
Tel: (+355) 22801021

Durres City  – ALbanian Airlines
Address: Main Bulevard, in front of Procredit Bank, Lagjia 11 Durres, Albania
Tel: (+355) (5) 2901020

Elbasan City  – ALbanian Airlines
Address: Main Bulevard, near “SCAMPA” theatre Elbasan, Albania
Tel: (+355) (542) 45242

Vlora City – ALbanian Airlines
Address: Main Bulevard, Pallace of “CONAD” Vlore, Albania
Tel: (+355) (33) 400585

Albanian Airlines

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Edial Tour

Edial Tour

Mireserdhet te Edial Tour ne Shqiperi ku do te gjeniEdial Tour eshte nje tour operator qe ofron ne seri nje shumellojsheri sherbimesh udhetimi dhe turizmi me çmime konkuruese. Ne garantojme sherbimin me te mire ne tregun e turizmit. Stafi yne ka nje eksperience shumevjecare ne biznezin e turizmit. Guidat tona jane te mireinformuar dhe kane pervoje me kliente amerikane, kanadeze dhe evropiane. Zyra jone ofron dhe pergatit udhetime individuale apo per grupe te ndryshme qe kerkojne sherbime ne Shqiperi dhe ne hapesiren perreth si: Kosove, Maqedoni, Mal te Zi etj. Bileta Avioni

– Kerkesa per ture ne grup
– Aranzhime per udhetime individuale
– Program mbledhjeje
– Rezervim hoteli ne kohe reale te 500 hoteleve shqiptare
– Marrje makinash me qera ne Shqiperi
– Bileta avioni nga dhe drejt Tiranes
– Ekskursione dhe ture private
– Autobuze dhe minivan me qera
– Transport nga dhe drejt Aeroportit Nderkombetar Tirane
– Paketa pushimesh ne Shqiperi
– Bileta trageti nga Durresi drejt Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venezia, Vlora etc

edialLinjat AjroreSi nje operator turesh , Edial Tour ofron cmime speciale per fluturime jashte Tiranes dhe per ne Tirane me linjat : Austrian Airlines, Alitalia, British Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Albania Airlines, Olympic Airways, Malev, Belle Air , Adria Airways, JAT Airways dhe me anije.

Si nje agjensi e suksesshme ne shitjen e biletave per tragete nga Durres drejt Bari, Ancona, Brindisi, Vlora, Venezia ne ofrojme cmimet me te mira ne bashkepunim me partneret tane te transportit: Adrtiatica Ferries, Venezzia Lines, Tirrenia Ferries.
Guida Lokale

Edial Tour e njeh rendesine e sherbimit te guidave per suksesin e biznesit tone me udhetimet. Ne mundesojme guida me nje eksperience te mire. Ato ofrojne asistencen, ndihmen dhe informacionin e duhur ne te gjitha sherbimet turistike qe ne ofrojme. Jane guida te cilat jane eksperimentuar me kliente individe dhe me grup.
Autobuse per ture

Per grupe per 14 apo me shume persona dhe per itenerarin e shoqerimit te gjithe autobusat jane te pajisur me ajer te kondicionuar, te cilet shpesh ne bord kane edhe nje tualet per emergjence. Per grupe me te vogla ne perdorim fugona.

Kontrolli i cilesise Edial Tour

Edial tour eshte me se shumti e interesuar per pershtypjet dhe komentet e klienteve per cilesine e sherbimeve tona.Ne me miresjellje i kerkojme te ftuarve tane qe te plotesojne formatin tone te vleresimit.

Edial Makina me qera ne Tirane, Shqiperi

Ne ofrojme sherbimin e marrjes me qera te makinave te llojeve te ndryshme. Ne zyren tone klientet mund te gjejne çmime speciale per te marre me qera nje makine.
Pasi te na keni vizituar njehere zyrat tona. Nuk do te na lini më!Edial tour sh.p.k ofron te gjitha destinacjonet me cmime konkuruese per fluturime ne tere boten.Cdo vend eshte shume afer me Edialtour sh.p.k. Ne kete faqe mundesohen oferta speciale per biletat e avioneve ne te gjitha destinacjonet qe ju deshironi. Eskluziviteti i linjave ajrore qe ne ofrojme jane : Lufthansa,Malev,Belle Air , Austria Airlines,Olympic Airways,AlItalia,Adria, Udhetim te kendeshem!

Tirane-Paris Fillon: 219 Euro
Tirane-Stamboll Fillon: 230 Euro
Tirane-Rome Fillon: 179 Euro

Edial Tour

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Belle Air – Belleair

Belle Air – Belleair

Belle Air Oferta BelleAir

Belle Air lind ne Maj 2005 ne Tirane-Shqiperi dhe nga 1 Mars 2006 fillon fluturimet ne linje te rregullt midis Shqiperise e Italise si kompania e pare low cost shqiptare.

Qendra Drejtuese ndodhet ne Tirane. Ne kete pozicion gjeografik Belle Air zgjedh si Hub te vetin Tiranen, me synimin te hapi lidhje ajrore me kosto te ulet me Prishtine, duke u perqendruar ne trafikun etnik, por jo vetem ne kete.

Misioni yne eshte per te rritur tregun e perbere nga linjat Veri perendim i Europes dhe Jug, Juglindje e Ballkanit me destinacion Shqiperine e Kosoven, duke u bere kompania e preferuar per kalimet ne drejtim Perendim-Lindje

Lidhja e 18 destinacioneve Italiane, me Tiranen eshte nje objektiv tashme i realizuar me sukses nga Belle Air.

Belle Air realizoi lidhjen e perditshme me dy fluturime vajtje ardhje ne mengjes e ne mbremje TIRANE-PRISHTINE.

Gjithashtu Belle Air fluturon rregullisht 3 here ne jave direkt PRISHTINE-LIEZH ne Belgjike.

Zhvillimet e metejshme parashikojne qe Belle Air te njihet si udheheqes i tregut per aeroportet e Tiranes e te Prishtines, per te arritur t’ju ofroje klienteve te vet nje rrjet nderkombetar te dimensioneve europiane e jo vetem kaq.

Linjat tona aktuale jane fluturimet nderkombetare nga Tirana ne:
• Tirana-Milano Malpensa
• Tirana-Roma Fiumicino
• Tirana-Ancona
• Tirana-Parma
• Tirana-Bergamo Orio al Serio
• Tirana-Bari
• Tirana-Pescara
• Tirana-Cuneo
• Tirana-Verona
• Tirana-Firenze
• Tirana-Rimini
• Tirana-Genova
• Tirana-Pisa
• Tirana-Perugia
• Tirana-Bologna
• Tirana-Pristina
• Tirana-Forli
• Tirana-Venezia/Treviso
• Tirana-Trieste
• Pristina-Liege
Destinacionet charter jane: Cairo, Antalia, Sharm El Sheikh

belle air

Administration Secretary Belle Air
Tel: +355 (0)4 2240186 – +355 (0)4 2240227
Fax: +355 (0)4 2240213

Commercial Department Belle Air
Qendra Tregtare Casa Italia-Kashar-Tirane
Tel: +355 (0)4 8860530 – +355 (0)4 8860531
Fax: +355 (0)4 8860532

Centro prenotazioni Belle Air
Tel: +355 (0)4 8860527 – +355 (0)4 8860528
Fax +355 (0)4 8860529
Tel: +355 (0)4 2240175 +355 (0)4 2240194
Fax +355 (0)4 2240213

Biglietterie Belle Air
Qendra Tregtare Casa Italia-Kashar-Tirane
Tel: +355 (0)4 8860527, +355 (0)4 8860528
Fax: +355 (0)4 8860529

TIRANA Belle Air
Rruga Durresit 102 Tirana-Albania
Tel: +355 (0)4 2232983, +355 (0)4 2243761
Fax: +355 (0)4 2244401

DURRES Belle Air
Qendra Tregtare Blu Star DURRES
Tel: +355(0)52 34742 Fax: 052 34742

KORCE Belle Air
Blvd. Gjergj Kastrioti, Nr. 2 KORCE
Tel:+355(0)8243148, Fax:+355 (0)8243862

Rruga Reshit Collaku, Nr.146 POGRADEC
Tel: +355 (0)832 2617 Fax: 0832 2617

Bulevardi Kryesor LUSHNJE
Tel: +355(0)35 23775 Fax: 035 23775

Rruga Marin Barleti SHKODER
Tel: +355 (0)22 50823 Fax: 022 50823


Tel: +32 4 2255010
Fax:+32 4 2255011


Sede secondaria

Belle Air Sh.p.k
Vicolo Isetta 21 (angolo Via Ariosto)-20091 Bresso (MILANO)
Tel: 02 610 1448, 02 610 0769, 02 61420320 Fax: 02 61420918

Belle Air Sh.p.k
Via Dei Conciatori 1/B 00154 – ROMA (200 m dalla Piramide in via Ostiense)
Tel +39 06 45423630 – Fax: +39 06 45424535 – Mob +39 3408931409

Belle Air Sh.p.k Via .Gordigiani 38B 50127 FIRENZE
Tel +39 055 0517538 – Fax: +39 055 0517538 – Mob +39 3408931774


KOSOVO PRISHTINA  Belle Air – BelleAir

Rruga Luan Haradinaj Nr. 4/1 10000 Pristina-Kosovo
Tel: +381 (0)38 225571 Fax: +381 (0)38 225572


TIRANA Belle Air
Aeroporti Nene Tereza TIRANE
Tel & Fax: +355 (0)4 2381933 Mob. +355 (0)68 4031560

Pristina International Airport – PRISHTINA
Tel: +381 (0)38 225571 Fax: +381 (0)38 225572

Aeroporto Orio Al Serio BERGAMO
Tel + Fax:. +39 035 4596349 – Mob: 3408916931

Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa, Terminal 1
Tel: +39 02 6100769 – Fax: 02 61420918 – Mob:340 8916269

FIRENZE Belle Air Belle Air
Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci di FIRENZE
Tel +39 055 0517538 – Fax: 055 0517538 – Mob 340 8931774

FORLI’ Belle Air
Aeroporto L. Ridolfi, Via Seganti 103, 47100 FORLI’
Mob: +39 340 8938237

GENOVA Belle Air
Aeroporto “Cristoforo Colombo” di GENOVA
Tel: +39 010 8691318 – Fax: +39 010 8691329 Mob: +39 340 8912504

PISA Belle Air
Aeroporto “Galileo Galilei”, 56121 PISA
Mob: +39 3456520750

BARI Belle Air
Aeroporto Karol Wojtyla BARI
Tel:.+39 340 8933934

ROMA – FIUMICINO Belle Air – Belleair

Aeroporto “Leonardo Da Vinci” ROMA (Fiumicino)
Tel +39 06 45423630 – Fax: 06 45424535 Mob: 340 8931409

Aeroporto FVG, Ronchi dei Legionari TRIESTE
Mob: +39 340 8917625

Aeroporto di TREVISO
Mob: +39 3456987026

VERONA Belle Air
Aeroporto “Valerio Catullo” VERONA
Tel.+Fax:+39 045 8095950 / 045 2081167
Mob: +39 340 8915024

Tel.+Fax: +39 0172 374224 – Mob: 348 9146935

PARMA Belle Air
Aeroporto Giuseppe Verdi di PARMA
Tel.+Fax: +39 0521 951546 Mob: 348 9143288

Aeroporto Internazionale dell Umbria PERUGIA
Tel.: + 39 075 592141 Fax: 02 61420918
Mob:+39 3489177259

ANCONA Belle Air
Aeroporto Internazionale Raffaello Sanzio di Falconara (AN)
Mob: +39 345 6520542

Aeroporto Internazionale d’ Abruzzo
Tel: +39 026201448
Fax: +39 0261420918
Mob: +39 340 8931409

Aeroporto “Guglielmo Marconi”
Tel: +39 026101448
Fax: +39 0261420918
Mob: +39 345 6520741


A mund te ndryshohen prenotimet?
Me ndryshim te prenotimit kuptohet ndryshimi perpara nisjes i dates ose destinacionit te fluturimit, te aeroportit te nisjes ose mberritjes, ne rastin e nje kapaciteti te mjaftueshem pasagjeresh. Kjo eshte kundrejt nje pagese fikse prej 30 eurosh plus shtesen e tarifes te rruges se zgjedhur nga aeroporti i nisjes ose i mberritjes, gjithmone para nisjes. Parimisht nuk eshte i mundur ndryshimi i prenotimit diten e nisjes. Jane te mundura ndryshimet e fluturimeve te prenotuara me tarifa te medha ne favor te atyre me tarifa me te uleta kundrejt cmimit fillestar. Per ndryshime te fluturimeve me tarifa te medha duhe te korrespondoje diferenca e cmimit. Taksa e ndryshimit te pageses per cdo pasagjer arrin deri ne 30 Euro. Ndryshimi i emrit te nje pasagjeri mund te behet deri ne 48 ore para nisjes se fluturimit, per pjesen e pare te udhetimit. Ndryshimi i emrit do te trajtohet si ndryshim prenotimi, qe do te thote qe duhet te paguhen cmimi i fluturimit me te shtrenjte dhe taksa e ndryshimit prej 30 Euro per person. Ndryshimet e prenotimit emrit dhe /ose te emrit te pasagjerit mund te kryhen dhe nepermjet telefonit. Pasi udhetimi te kete filluar, nuk eshte me i mundur ndryshimi i prenotimit ne favor te nje pasagjeri tjeter ose te ndryshohet emri i pasagjerit. Mund te ndryshohet vendi i mberritjes por nepermjet autorizimit nga ana e entit te caktuar. Nuk ka rimbursime per fluturime jo te kryera. Per ndryshim te prenotimit dhe/ose emrit te pasagjerit pagesa e takses se parashikuar mund te kryhet nepermjet kartave te pranuara ose nje debiti banke. Femijet nen 2 vjec jane te perjashtuar nga penalitetet e pageses per ndryshime. Ne penalitetet per ndryshim nuk ka zbritje. Ndryshimet e prenotimit mund te kryhen dhe me telefon nepermjet Qendres se Sherbimit.

eshte e nevojshme te konfirmohet orari i fluturimit para udhetimit te kthimit?
Ne raste te rralla oraret e nisjes se fluturimit te kthimit mund te ndryshojne. Per te qene sa me te mireinformuar per ndryshimet ne orar eshte e nevojshme te konfirmohet me telefon orari para cdo udhetimi ne kthim. Drejtohuni ne Qendren tone te Sherbimit qe do te qendroje ne dispozicionin tuaj 7 dite ne jave, 24 ore ne 24. Numri i telefonit gjendet ne bileten e udhetimit.
Ju keshillojme te kerkoni konfirmim 24 deri ne 48 ore para udhetimit tuaj te parashikuar te kthimit.
Numri i telefonit ne Shqiperi: +355 4 2234596
Numri i telefonit ne Itali: +39 02 6101448
Numri i telefonit ne Kosove: +381 (0) 38 225571
Ju njoftojme ne rast se humbisni udhetimin per mos rregullsi ne konfirmim, humbisni te drejten per te udhetuar.

Belle Air / Belleair

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Prenoto Bileta Avioni te lira per ne Tirane

Prenoto Bileta Avioni te lira per ne Tirane

Tirana Prishtina Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Roma Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Istanbul Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Paris Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana London Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Frankfurt Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Turin Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Vienna Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Ljubljana Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Munich Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Budapest Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Athens Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Ancona Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Bologna Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Athens (GR) Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Munich (DE) Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Brussels (BE) Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Rome Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Pisa Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Zurich Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Pescara Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Istanbul Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana London Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Florence Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Istanbul Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Milan Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Brussels Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Vienna Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Ljubljana Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Budapest Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Trieste Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Athens Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Pisa Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Verona Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Milan Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Milan Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Bologna Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Rome Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Perugia Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Athens Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Milan Tirana prej 29.00 €
Tirana Milan Tirana prej 39.00 €
Tirana Rome Tirana prej 49.00 €
Tirana Munich Tirana prej 59.00 €
Tirana Turin Tirana prej 69.00 €
Tirana Vienna Tirana prej 59.00 €

Prenoto Bileta Avioni te lira per ne Tirane

Tirana Airport, Albania

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Agjensionet Turistike ne Lushnje, Shqiperi

Agjensionet Turistike ne Lushnje, Shqiperi


Lagja clirimi, qender, Lushnje
Tel.&Fax.+ 355 35/ 24901
Cel.+ 355 68 21 86090

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